Homemade fountain

Fountain in the courtyard or the garden look very decorative and relaxing, not to mention a good effect of water on the human psychological health. The fountain should be considered as a key place in outer space, because it completely changes the atmosphere. The sound of water protects us from external noise and creates a cozy, relaxing ambiance, it attract birds, which brings a special touch of romance and a sense of the natural environment.

Masonry fountains, however, often requires a lot of money and time spent with workers , so we present a simple way to create your own beautiful fountain of ornamental stone that will achieve the same effect.

All you need is some tools, a few pots and pipes, and of course you going to need a decorative stone from whom you will make a ” construction ” , and best of all is that for just one day , you can build up your little work of art in which you will enjoy for a very long time.

Maintenance1Materials needed: Large decorative dish, deep enameled, shallow dish, the pump and copper pipe, valve, waterproof glue, sheltering the stones and gravel, electric cable, PVC pipes, extension cord and power source near the small fountain, a scalpel or knife, scissors, drill and the last one and optional paint. If you want to paint it at all. You can also prepare all kind of natural stones to use it as a decoration.

The method of making:

1. This venture starts with digging a place where you will position the “pool” of fountain. It is recommended that the hole is slightly larger than the basin fountains, how we could put in it PVC pipes that will isolate the power cord. You can put a few pieces of river stones on the bottom of the pot, because they will provide rigidity. After that, place the pump in the middle of the vessel and connect it to the pipe, and install the valve. Insert the cable through PVC pipe to insulate it.


2. The next step is to install a decorative bowl and the upper water tank, and its firmness you can provide by attaching a waterproof binder (adhesive), after you have made the holes for copper.

3. Fill the container with water and the valve will be open. Set river stones or decorative items around the fountain, hide PVC pipe isolating cables so the fountain would have a more natural look. Make sure that the main power supply is working correctly before you finish the fountain to avoid future problems.


4. At the end of the whole process of making the fountain try to turn on your creative button and the job will be completed. Gardens with fountains are ideal for exercise and meditation, you can also decorate a bird feeder and make a real garden, which will provide even more pleasant and a maximum soothing atmosphere in your garden. There is nothing better than reading a book next to your fountain and enjoying the sound better than music, sound of water.

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